Spontaneous dance in Papua-highlands breaks all records

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Dr. Robert Hofrichter
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Spontaneous dance in Papua-highlands breaks all records

Beitrag von Dr. Robert Hofrichter » 12 Feb 2016 08:22

Robert Hofrichters Video of a spontaneous dance in the highlands of Papua breaks all records on the internet

:arrow: :arrow: :arrow: Here is the link to YouTube: https://youtu.be/RdOgijh4wNk

Dancers: Robert and Maria Hofrichter, Karin, Kerstin (all from Austria) and a community of Dani people from the Baliem Valley in the West Papua Highlands
Camera: Heriman (a missionary of the Pentecostal Church, using the small camera of Maria Hofrichter)
Filmed on: Jan. 27, 2016
Copyright © Robert and Maria Hofrichter


In January 2016 the Austrian marine biologist Robert Hofrichter (mare-mundi) and his crew boarded the „Amira“ for the third time to explore the region of Raja Ampat in order to collect photo material of the underwater world of the “Coral Triangle”. Nowhere else in the world the sea offers as many species as in the area around the island of New Guinea. The colourful (and endangered) beauty and diversity takes the breath away and can hardly be described with words and only to some extent with photographs.

Following the wonderful two-week diving marathon part of Robert’s team started off to venture into the West Papua highland, which is part of Indonesia. Via Jayapura and Wamena the group reached the Baliem Valley at an altitude of nearly 2.000 m sea level. The Dani people who live there were without contact to the outside world until World War II.

After being discovered the people of West Papua were virtually thrown into the 20th century. And still, the spirit of another age still lingers there. Now, 70 years later, their old traditions live on. The more remote the villages are, the weaker the influence of civilization. Hiking for a few days into the highlands allows glimpses into Stone Age.

Pigs still play a key role in the social live of these native societies. Robert and his three friends had the opportunity to witness a so-called Pig Ceremony at one of the communities. For this occasion the villagers put on their traditional dress in order to demonstrate war scenes, dances and songs. As an intellectual exchange was not possible due to language barrier, Robert had the spontaneous idea to present a European dance for them as a gesture of thanks. And so the four pale faces gave a rather perfect performance of the “fake Sirtaki” from the famous movie “Zorba the Greek”. This turned out to be a roaring success with the villagers forming a circle around the dancers and even some efforts to cope with the alien choreography and rhythm.

The video of this perfomance was viewed by 150.000 users in only two weeks and was shared around 3.000 times. Robert notices special attention from Greece as he has been getting hundreds of facebook friend’s requests from there since the video was aired first. In this way a totally spontaneous action in the highlands of Papua became a virtual success on the internet!

Like to dance?
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Celebrating the Mediterranean
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Die ... Begeisterung, die wir beim Betrachten der Natur empfinden, ist eine Erinnerung an die Zeit, da wir Tiere, Bäume, Blumen und Erde waren ... das Wissen um unser Einssein mit allem, was die Zeit vor uns verborgen hält. Leo N. Tolstoi

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Re: Spontaneous dance in Papua-highlands breaks all records

Beitrag von Gerti » 20 Mai 2016 11:24

Interessant! Danke fürs Teilen :)
Die Welt hat genug für jedermanns Bedürfnisse, aber nicht für jedermanns Gier. (Ghandi)


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