Kennt ihr die Internat. "Guidelines for responsible divers"

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Dr. Robert Hofrichter
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Kennt ihr die Internat. "Guidelines for responsible divers"

Beitrag von Dr. Robert Hofrichter » 08 Dez 2010 12:57

Kennt ihr schon die Internationalen Guidelines for responsible divers?


Dear Diver,

You are going to visit beautiful coral reefs, rub shoulders with sharks,
meet whales, and discover the Ocean universe.

To do this you are going to spend a few days in a country
where fishermen, farmers and tradesmen live all year round.
Their traditions are different from yours.
The natural resources on which they survive are often in short supply.
Fresh water, in particular, is rare and priceless.

The life of the country is not just the hotel you are staying at,
however pleasant. Why not use your spare time between dives
to meet the locals and listen to their stories ?
You may be astonished by their cultural heritage and hospitality.

Your purchasing power is, very often, much higher than theirs.
Do not push them to damage the sea and, in the long run,
impoverish the fishermen by buying sad souvenirs like shark teeth, shells, corals and tortoiseshells. Firmly refuse shark fin and tortoise soups, scandalously raped from the sea. These animals could disappear.

Under the water, you will be visiting a living, splendid but fragile world.
Collisions and shocks crush and kill the fixed animals which do such much
to enchant the seascapes you came to admire.
All disturbances can frighten fish which protect their eggs,
leaving their fray for the predators.
Please do not feed the fish as this disturbs the balance between species
and changes their natural behavior.

You will expect to find all the treasures of the wild marine universe
as wonderful in the future as during your visit today.
You would like to share these joys with your friends and your children,
so be curious about everything but remain discrete and attentive
and watch out for clumsiness !
Your behavior today will ensure that future generations of divers
can enjoy this marvelous world and the thrills of meeting sharks and whales
in an underwater adventure as colorful as yours.

When adventure calls.
Become the diving ambassadors of the Third Millennium...

François Sarano
President of
Die ... Begeisterung, die wir beim Betrachten der Natur empfinden, ist eine Erinnerung an die Zeit, da wir Tiere, Bäume, Blumen und Erde waren ... das Wissen um unser Einssein mit allem, was die Zeit vor uns verborgen hält. Leo N. Tolstoi


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