2013 Reef Check Myanmar expedition

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2013 Reef Check Myanmar expedition

Beitrag von mare-mundi Redaktion » 30 Jan 2013 17:44

2013 Reef Check Myanmar expedition, April

ECoSwiss welcomes all passionate divers who care about corals and conservation to join the Reef Check Expedition to our study area in Myanmar! This project is part of our trans-border MABR conservation programme and promotes international collaboration on nature conservation and awareness. We particularly encourage recreational divers to join reef scientists in the first extended expedition to survey the basic health of the coral reefs around the Bada Island group. Recreational Divers with an interest in conservation and science and scientists are warmly welcome!

:arrow: http://reefcheck.de/en/volunteer/347-re ... april-2013


Date & Location

We'll explore and collect data at our study area, the Bada Island group (about 12 islands) in the southern part of the Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar. See the map in the full programme (pdf) and downloadable location at the bottom of this page.


Two main objectives:

:arrow: To collect information on coral reef health status and composition in the study area (Bada group of islands)
:arrow: To train Myanmar, Thai and international divers and researchers in Reef Check survey methodology


Up to 3 dives per day including 1-2 Reef Check surveys in unusual dive sites and additional recreational dives (day & night). Coral reef surveys include identification of substrate, fish & invertebrates
Wherever possible, manta tow surveys for coral distribution mapping and estimation of coverage of different ecosystems
Theory classes on Reef Check methodology and marine biology
Entry and evaluation of collected data on board. These data are submitted to the global database
Special requirements

This expedition focuses on Reef Check surveys. The minimum requirement for participants is a diving certification (PADI, SSI, etc.) and an excellent buoyancy.

Further info, application, registration

ECoSwiss: :arrow: http://www.ecoswiss.org/mabr-project/re ... pril-2013/
MSAM, Marine Science Association Myanmar :arrow: https://sites.google.com/site/msam1973/home
The Smiling Seahorse :arrow: http://www.thesmilingseahorse.com/


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