Seven marine paradises become Specially Protected Areas...

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Seven marine paradises become Specially Protected Areas...

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Seven marine paradises become Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance

Secca di Mezzo, Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area, Sardinia, Italy. © OCEANA / Juan Cuetos

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What does this mean? Being awarded SPAMI status means that the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention have granted these places the highest possible protection within the treaty, committing to observe the protection and conservation measures that affect them. The new 7 additions to the list are:

1. The Blue Coast Marine Park (France),
2. The Embiez Archipelago-Six Fours (France)
3. The Porto Cesareo Marine Protected Area (Italy),
4. The Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area (Italy),
5. The Marine Protected Area of Penisola del Sinis-Isola di Mal di Ventre (Italy),
6. The Tyre Coast Nature Reserve (Lebanon), and
7. The Palm Island Nature Reserve (Lebanon).

At Oceana, we believe the creation of Marine Protected Areas is always good news, as they are an effective way of preserving biodiversity and ensuring ecological balance. For more information, you can check out our project MedNet , which proposes a comprehensive network of MPAs in the Mediterranean.

Author: Candela Farroni


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